Newsletter 154

Another interim newsletter, this time primarily to enable you to purchase tickets and choose menu options for our annual lunch on Tuesday 26th April., along with some news updates. Download

Newsletter 153

When we issued the January newsletter, we were unable to confirm the topics for the March and April lectures, so this is an additional update. Both of these lectures will be at the Friends Meeting House. Download

Newsletter 152

So we enter our 3rd Covid affected year. Despite the current spike due to the Omicron variant, we are hoping that 2022 will be nearer to ‘normal’ and we are planning for success with the reintroduction of activities that we have struggled to do over the past 2 years. Having said that, some of our […]

Newsletter 151

It is now around 18 months since we were last able to have a face to face meeting either as a committee or as a members’ meeting and we have come to rely on Zoom and the written word to keep in touch. Although things are currently opening up more, it is clear that Covid […]

Newsletter 150

Welcome to the 150th edition of our newsletter, newsletters that span the 54 years that Cockermouth Civic Trust has now existed. This particular edition highlights our activities and plans as, hopefully, the pandemic restrictions are eased and also seeks both your help and views on a number of our activities. Download newsletter

Newsletter 149

Welcome to 2021 and best wishes to all for a better year ahead. I’m afraid that we are still in the pandemic tunnel and we still have to take all the necessary precautions and endure the ongoing restrictions on our lives. However, hopefully we are beginning to see the light at the end and possibly […]

Newsletter 148

A relatively short newsletter at this time to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on. As you know, we have had to cancel all of our face to face meetings prior to Christmas. However, we have been able to arrange some alternative activities over the internet using ‘Zoom’. I do apologise to those […]