The last lecture of  this season took place on Wednesday, 6th April when the speaker was  Joe Human and the subject “Fairtrade”.

Joe used the example of Choche, a coffee producing town in Ethiopia, to  explain how the practice of Fairtrade helps communities stand on their own feet  without the need for charity. A little known fact is that coffee is traded in London and New York as a commodity and this creates a volatile and  speculative futures market with no benefit to the producers. Over a period of  12 years the price given to the producer dropped by 40% yet the price consumers  paid rose by 270%. Hardly fair for either party.

Fairtrade gives farmers and workers in developing countries  a better deal  with a fair and stable  price, decent working conditions and an additional ‘premium’ to be invested in  their businesses and communities. The premium can be used to improve water  supplies and roads and to build clinics and schools. Farmers must agree to  strict rules such as democracy and inclusion of women and they must maintain  quality. Joe ended with a plea to think about what we buy in future and to  consider choosing a Fairtrade alternative to our usual purchase.

Our annual dinner will  be held on Wednesday 20th April at the Carlin’s Bistro when the  speaker will be the Town Centre Flood Recovery Co-ordinator, Les Tickner. Tickets are still available from Shirley Campbell 01900 823485.

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