Civic Trust Walk of Pride

On 7th July a group of 12 people took part in the Cockermouth Civic Trust’s first walk of pride around the centre of Cockermouth. The objective was to identify buildings and streetscape that we are proud of as well as areas that the group felt could be improved for the benefit of Cockermouth as a whole.

The group felt that the vast majority of town centre buildings now make a positive contribution. Aspects that were well received include

  • Shop fronts improved as part of the heritage improvement scheme
  • The use of colour on buildings in Market Place and Main Street
  • The character of Kings Arms Lane, now enhanced by the History Wall

Aspects that were thought would benefit from improvement include

  • Shops with brash signs and adverts across windows, which segregate the shop from the street
  • Semi-derelict buildings on the main visitor entrance to town on the west side of Bridge Street
  • The lack of character or local feel in Lowther Went, which feels detached from the rest of the town
  •  The lack of maintenance of aspects of the public space such as seats, and weeds round trees
  • The large numbers of A boards (over 80 were counted) which can intrude on the public space and impede walkways

The Civic Trust intends to write to the relevant building owners or authorities with constructive comments. The “Walk of Pride” may be extended to other areas of the town and the Civic Trust would welcome any comments on this initiative.