Cockermouth town trail

A number of members of the Executive Committee led town  walks for interested parties and in 1995 it was decided that a way-marked Town  Trail should be created and pamphlets made available for visitors and other  interested parties. The route started and finished at the Kirkgate Centre and  visited 19 sites of interest. Numbered plaques were placed at these sites and a  short description of each was given in the pamphlet. These proved very popular  and numerous reprints have had to be made since their introduction.

An additional Georgian Trail was created in 2005 in support  of the Cockermouth Georgian Festival. Both these trail guides are available  from the Tourist Information Office or the New Bookshop. When requested, and by  prior arrangement, members of the Executive will take groups round on a  conducted tour of the Town Trail.

A major revision   was produced in 2010 to incorporate the significance of the Art works in the   redeveloped Market Place which was completed in 2008.

Additionally the   Trust produced in 2010 in conjunction with the Chamber of Trade, a Flood Trail   leaflet describing the extent and impact of the floods of November 2009.

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