Community artwork unveiled on Cockermouth substation

Lowther Went Site of Art (Sub-station)

A new piece of art was unveiled in Cockermouth today as a substation in the town receives the final part of a community makeover.

The electricity substation in Lowther Went, owned by power operator Electricity North West, will show a montage of buildings and places in Cockermouth by local artist Victor de Quincey.

Following discussions with Cockermouth Civic Trust, the substation, which is in a public area, has been given a new lease of life by Electricity North West who will continue to keep it well maintained.

Electricity North West project manager, John Foy, said: “Substations are an essential part of the North West’s electricity network, and they tend to be located in built-up areas as that’s where people need power.

“We have a regular maintenance programme for our 30,000 substations to keep them looking neat and tidy, but when the Civic Trust asked us to do something a bit different here in Cockermouth we were delighted to help out.”

Phil Campbell, chairman of Cockermouth Civic Trust, said: “The improvements to the substation building, together with the artwork, will enhance the public space and improve people’s shopping experience.

“The Civic Trust is grateful to both Electricity North West and various members of the Cockermouth community who have contributed towards the artwork funding, and we consider it a good example of the community working together.”

The latest artwork follows previous art unveiled on the substation earlier this year which celebrates Cockermouth Astronomer, Fearon Fallows who was born in the town in 1788.

Lowther Went Art 2 Collage of Cockermouth