Newsletter – 116

You may be surprised to receive another newsletter so hot on the heals of the last. However, with us having joined Civic Voice, I need to let you know how to claim your free National Trust & English Heritage vouchers.

National Trust & English Heritage Vouchers

As a member of the Civic Trust, you can claim a single entry voucher for both a National Trust Property and an English Heritage Property. To do this, you need to either apply on line through the respective web site addresses below or return the attached form to the address indicated, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.

To access the National Trust voucher, visit

To access the English Heritage voucher, visit

You will be able to download and print your vouchers from the website, remembering to apply separately for couples who are both members.

The National Trust vouchers are valid for all of their properties until 30th April 2012, except for a few listed on the voucher. If you are already a member of the National Trust, you can pass your voucher on to a relative or friend. This voucher is worth up to £14, depending on which property you use it for.

The English Heritage Voucher is valid until 30th June 2011, and then from 1st September 2011 until 31st January 2012.

Future Flood Protection

We attended an informative presentation by the Cockermouth Flood Action Group that marked the completion of work on new flood protection for the Gote area. While the new protection would not cater for a future flood on the scale of November 2009, it will protect against the less significant floods of recent years and other floods with an assessed frequency of more than once in 100 years. Key aspects of the new protection include an earth bund with compacted clay core behind the properties and a new emergency pumping station that will activate under flood conditions.

The Environment Agency have now completed a feasibility study which shows that further improvements can be made to the flood protection for Cockermouth that can be justified on economic, technical & environmental grounds. The preferred option is to raise sections of the flood walls along the Cocker & Derwent, including:

  • Rubby Banks Rd – increase height of wall to 1.9 metres by adding a 0.5 metre self raising barrier to existing wall
  • Hatters Croft – raise balconies by 30cm & use glass panels to maintain views.
  • Town Hall – Install flood walls & gates to reduce risk to Market Place
  • Waterloo St – construct a new wall by side of existing wall to height of existing railings, maintaining river access
  • Victoria Court – raise some sections of flood wall to achieve a uniform height
  • Graves Mill – replace existing embankment with a higher flood wall.
  • Riverside Gardens – construct a new embankment 0.9-1.2 metres high

The Environment Agency hope to have the detailed design & planning permissions in place by April 2012. Funding will then need to be secured, potentially requiring local funding from businesses & the community. Further information  is at

Cockermouth History Wall

We have decided to award John Cusack a certificate commending him for the comprehensive & interesting display titled ‘The History Wall’ in the Old Kings Arms Lane.

Skipton Trip – Friday 1st July

Don’t forget this if you haven’t booked yet!

Castle Tours

We are providing tours during the Festival in June (18th,20th,21st,22nd) & Heritage Open Days in September, (8th,9th). Tickets for both will be available from the Tourist Information Centre.

Phil Campbell, Chairman