Newsletter 143

The recent period has again been dominated by politics and most recently by the general Election. By the time you read this, we should have a new government. During the election campaign, Civic Voice launched its Manifesto for 2020- 2023, intended for MPs and parliamentary candidates, journalists and researchers who want to find out more about what the civic movement wants from the next government. Its well worth a read by us as well. In 2020, Civic Voice celebrates its 10th anniversary and we have been members for most of this time. Civic Voice is using this as an opportunity to review its own strategy for the next 10 years. In recognition that we now have a significant number of new members, we are organising a ‘Member’s Social’ at Club Derwent on Tuesday 14th January. Please do come along
and bring your own ideas about the role of the Civic Trust and the future of Cockermouth. A reminder to pre-existing members – please check that you have renewed your subscription for this year – we need you!

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