Newsletter 147

We are drawing to the end of our 53rd year of the Civic Trust and it must have been the most disrupted and difficult year to date by far. The 2020/21 season will have its problems as well, certainly in the first half, but we are hoping of course that the situation will gradually improve. Unfortunately we have had to cancel a number of our activities including some lectures, annual lunch, annual outing, castle tours, Heritage Open Days, etc. Having said that, the Trust has continued to function. The Committee has met through a combination of email and Zoom. We have reviewed planning applications and developments, produced a couple of booklets and a new DVD during the lock-down period and we have undertaken some important voluntary work in removing Himalayan Balsam. In 2019, we ran one of our
most successful recruitment campaigns ever so we hope that our new members have not been too fazed by our apparent lack of activity level and will continue to support us in the new season because I believe that Cockermouth’s need for a Civic Trust has not diminished. We have held our subscription rates at 2019/20 levels and trust that you will renew your membership to enable us to cover the continuing running costs of the Trust.. In particular this year we paid close to £300 for insurance to cover our activities and contributed nearly £200 to Civic Voice to look after our interests at national and government level. We are also paying around £860 from our reserves towards the erection of the interpretation panels at the Castle and Tute Hill.

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