No objection to 29 houses at Strawberry How

Application Reference No. : 2/2010/0647

Proposal: Outline application for the relocation of existing tennis courts and car park  and the construction of 28 dwellings consisting of a mixture of units for rent and for sale on the open market.

Site Address:
Land Adjacent to
Cockermouth RUFC

Submission: Not Object

Comments: The Cockermouth and District Civic Trust committee discussed the details of the proposal and came to the conclusion that on balance this scheme is an acceptable proposal and we do not object. The basis for this conclusion is primarily determined by the need to allow Cockermouth to expand and grow but do so in an organic way. Proposals that utilise brownfield sites and are of a modest size should be given preference to the alternative large green field developments. The repositioning and upgrading of the tennis courts and car parking produces a natural barrier against further possible town expansion beyond this point.

We would also like to comment on the proximity of this development to the Grade II listed former grammar school. It was the Civic Trust who instigated the listing of this property in order to preserve the site and remove any risk against its demolition. It was recognised as a unique form of architecture for Cockermouth and its uniqueness should be maintained and not undermined by any pseudo copies. Whilst most of the work of the Civic Trust is concerned with the preservation of the best of the past it is also supports quality contemporary design and we do not feel ‘modern’ design should be rejected simply because it does not look ‘traditional’.

Due to the potential conflict of influence our architectural adviser Darren Ward abstained from the decision making process and the views above are those of the remainder of the committee.