Newsletter 147

We are drawing to the end of our 53rd year of the Civic Trust and it must have been the most disrupted and difficult year to date by far. The 2020/21 season will have its problems as well, certainly in the first half, but we are hoping of course that the situation will gradually improve. […]

Newsletter 146

I hope that you are all ‘keeping safe’ during this difficult time. At least we have had some superb weather which I think has made the restrictions much easier to bear. From a Civic Trust point of view it’s so disappointing that we have had to cancel so many activities but I hope that you […]

Newsletter 145

You will probably not be surprised to learn that, in common with other groups and societies, we are having to significantly curtail our group activities over at least the next few months in the light of the Coronavirussituation and current Government advice. However, we do still intend to continue to function as a Trust and […]

Newsletter 144

We had a successful members’ social meeting in January when we discussed our current activities in a relaxed environment with light refreshments provided and the bar open for drinks. Around 25 members were present. The venue was Club Derwent. We did have one member complain beforehand that it was inappropriate for the Civic Trust to […]

Newsletter 143

The recent period has again been dominated by politics and most recently by the general Election. By the time you read this, we should have a new government. During the election campaign, Civic Voice launched its Manifesto for 2020- 2023, intended for MPs and parliamentary candidates, journalists and researchers who want to find out more […]

Newsletter 142

First of all, a very warm welcome to our new members. We have been conducting an awareness campaign about the Civic Trust by delivering leaflets to virtually all of the households in Cockermouth & Papcastle. This has helped us gain 40 new members since April, – we look forward to meeting you all & involving […]