Newsletter 130

·         ‘We were devastated that Cockermouth has been hit yet again and send our sympathy to all affected. Best wishes to all’, Barbara and Peter Colley  (former secretary & architectural adviser to Cockermouth CivicTrust) ·         ‘I’ve been shedding a few tears listening to the news about the town, so soon after the last flood.. I […]


Phil Campbell (Chairman) welcomed 30 members and visitors to the Annual General Meeting.   Apologies:  Barbara Barker, Eleaner Woosey.   Minutes of the meeting of 5th November 2014: Peter Hubbard proposed that the minutes be accepted as a true record – this was seconded by Ian Dodsworth and passed unanimously.   Matters arising: None.     […]

Newsletter 129

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter. Time to start thinking about our 2015/16 season, a new set of entertaining lectures and I’m afraid, annual subscription renewal. We have decided to increase the subscription rate slightly for next year. I don’t apologise for this because we have held the rate constant for over 10 years now, despite […]

Newsletter 128

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter. The winter season of lectures has now been completed and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Duncan Keeler on behalf of you all for successfully organising our lectures for the past few years. He has now ‘retired’ from this particular task and Brian and Margaret Coley have […]

Group Visits to Cockermouth

Since the 2009 floods in Cockermouth, the Civic Trust has taken numerous groups, both children and adults, round the town showing them how and why the floods happened and the new flood defences to protect the town from future floods. Without exception all are amazed to see the height of the various flood level markers […]

Newsletter 127

The committee would like to wish all of our members a happy new year for 2015. We certainly hope that it will be a good year for Cockermouth after all of the pains from the Main Street road works in 2014. Certainly the Christmas festivities and the lantern festival seem to have returned some heart […]


Phil Campbell (Chairman) welcomed 24 members and visitors to the Annual General Meeting. Apologies: David Hardy, Pat Hardy, Ros Earthy, David Cornwall, Barbara Barker, Keith Hutchinson, Louise Hutchinson, Elizabeth Silman, Angela Storrar, Eleanor Woosey. Minutes of the meeting of 6th November 2013: The time that the meeting closed was corrected to read 7.45 pm after […]